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Out of the box

Eco-friendly packages preserve great taste!

Wondering why our Lemonades™, Thanks-A-Lot® and the NEW Girl Scout S'mores™ packages look a bit different?

They’re part of our eco-friendly packaging initiative! 

Girl Scout Cookies Eco-Friendly PackagingIn 2010, we took our Thanks-A-Lot Girl Scout Cookie “out of the box.” This single change allowed us to save 150 tons of paperboard from going into America’s waste stream. And we were able to ship more cookies on a truck, saving an estimated 2,600 gallons of diesel fuel a year.

The move showed girls the impact one single action could have on the environment, and helped position Girl Scouts as an innovative, earth-friendly enterprise. And the public relations mentions about this change contributed to a 5 percent average per council increase in overall sales.

Buoyed by positive volunteer and consumer response, ABC will continue packaging the Lemonades™ and Thanks-A-Lot® Girl Scout Cookies in recyclable film and will expanded this packaging approach to our Cranberry Citrus Crisps cookie in the 2013–14 season, resulting in a combined reduction of hundreds of tons of paperboard into the waste stream. Now, for the 2017 cookie season, our NEW Girl Scout S'mores™ cookie will be packaged in this same earth friendly way!