How To Set Goals

Success comes from having goals. When we set goals, we are more likely to achieve them. We can set goals selling cookies and for anything we do. As you plan your cookie sale, be sure to:

Start With A Smile. Say to yourself: “I can sell cookies!” Positive thinking makes you feel good about yourself and whatever task you must do.

Aim Carefully. Set a precise sales goal. Decide how many cookies you will sell and when you will sell. This is an easy way to measure your progress and take pride when you hit your goal.

Set Personal Goals, Too. The Girl Scout Cookie activity is a great opportunity to think about your personal goals. For example, maybe you want to overcome shyness or improve math skills. If you set several goals, list them from most important to least important. That helps you focus on the big goals and manage your time well.

Make A Note. Write goals down. This makes them real.

Divide — And Win. Break big goals into smaller ones. For example, if you want to sell 100 packages of cookies, do it ten at a time. Be proud of every step you make toward your big goal. And, be especially proud when you reach your big goal.

Be Smart. Set goals you can reach. No one Girl Scout can sell a million packages of cookies. So, don’t try to. Instead, think about what you can really do.