Going Beyond The Booth

Go Behind the Scenes


A Girl Scout Cookie booth sale is a great way to practice The 5 Essential Skills. With a little preparation, it’s also an opportunity for girls to learn firsthand about a specific business model. Discuss the following ideas with your booth host before the sale:

Tour the business. Ask your host for permission to tour their facility with the girls. 

A company Q&A. Encourage girls to research the business online, then see if your host will engage them in a question-and-answer session.

Employee interviews. Ask your booth host if he or she would allow employees to talk about their jobs with your troop. 

Track Sales Data 

Girl Scouts can learn even more about sales and marketing by collecting and analyzing data from their booth sale. Encourage girls to track:

  • The number of packages sold per hour
  • The number of packages sold per customer
  • The total number of customers

Then help girls analyze the data: What’s the best time to sell cookies? Which type of cookie sold best? How many packages does the average customer buy?

Try gathering some qualitative information, too:

  • Poll customers about why they are buying cookies and how they found out about the booth sale.
  • Ask them to rate the service they received.
  • Note their age and gender to analyze buying habits by demographic.
  • Record a list of emails to keep customers informed about your next sale.

 Discover more activities in the new Girl Scout age-level Cookie and Financial Literacy badges found in The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

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