Etiquette Pledge

Put your best foot forward.

Use this letter to share the Girl Scouts’ etiquette pledge with the booth’s host along with any council-specific conditions. Download the etiquette pledge in Word format and edit to best meet your needs.

[City, State ZIP]

Dear [Name of Host]:

Thank you for agreeing to host a Girl Scout Cookie booth sale. We understand that you have given us the privilege to use your facility and we would like to make this booth sale etiquette pledge to you.

  • We will set up our booth sale in the area you have designated and not in any other areas.
  • We will not complain about any of the rules that you set and we promise to follow them.
  • We will not block your entrance and we will only approach customers as they are leaving your business. 
  • We will be identifiable as a Girl Scout and wear our Girl Scout Membership Pin, uniform, or other Girl Scout clothing and have a neat and clean appearance.
  • Adults will be present with us at all times and we will resolve our own conflicts peacefully.
  • We will bring our own change and not ask you for change during our sale.
  • We will have a good attitude, smile, and say thank you even if a customer does not buy.
  • We will bring our own table and hang our signs on our table, not on your property.
  • We will clean up after our booth sale and take our trash with us.
  • We will park away from the front of your business and not take up your good parking spaces.
  • We will notify you if we need to cancel.

We look forward to seeing you on [date of sale] from [start time] to [end time]. You can contact our troop at [name, phone number].

Thanks again,

[Name of Adult in Charge]
[Optional: signature of all girls]