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Cookie Season Is A Family Affair

More involvement means more success! 

With the support, assistance, and encouragement of her family, there’s nothing a Girl Scout can’t do. We have all the resources families need to support their Girl Scouts during Girl Scout Cookie Season and beyond, right here on the ABC Bakers website. 

Get in on the fun!

Make the most of Girl Scout Cookie season by working with girls from start to finish. Family members are encouraged to:

  • Attend troop/group cookie training.
  • Practice selling techniques at home.
  • Guide her in goal setting. 
  • Help her set up and manage her COCO account. 
  • Download and help her learn to use COCOmobile. 
  • Learn fun facts about Girl Scout Cookies. 
  • Discover the keys to a successful cookie booth. 
  • Discuss financial responsibility. 
  • And best of all - celebrate her success! 

Download Family Invitations to Cookie Training.