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COCOmobile is a free mobile app for girls participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program through ABC Bakers. To use this app, Girl Scouts must have a valid username and password on COCO (ABC Bakers’ Cookie Command Center), available exclusively at abcsmartcookies.com. COCOmobile allows girls to sell Girl Scout Cookies and track sale progress right from their mobile device! Features:

  • Girls can set and track goals
  • Take and manage cookie orders
  • See a summary of orders and item totals
  • View nutritional information with product images
  • Track order payment and delivery status
  • Email confirmations automatically sent to customers upon new order or updates of order
  • View recognitions, identify level achieved, track sales needed for next level and celebrate recognition achievement along the way
  • Automatically sync with their online COCO information (available at abcsmartcookies.com)