Checklist For Service Unit Managers

Use this checklist to prepare your service unit for the Girl Scout Cookie Sale.
Be sure to follow your own council’s guidelines.

  • Collect a cookie team! Follow your council's recruitment guidelines and set up an online communication system for your team. 
  • Identify local delivery sites by working with your council. A good delivery site should be safe, convenient, dry, and easily accessible to delivery trucks. 
  • Conduct training for troop/cookie managers and leaders/advisors.
    • Set the tone with your enthusiasm!
    • Focus on the importance of goal setting. 
    • Be a mentor for first-timers. 
    • Distribute troop materials and explain how to use them. 
    • Encourage online documentation. 
    • Introduce COCO and other ABC online resources.
  • Gather troop cookie orders and compile the service unit cookie order.
  • Supervise cookie distribution.
  • Manage booth sales within your service unit.
  • Monitor cupboards if you have them, and keep in touch with your troops so that surplus cookies can be redistributed quickly. 
  • Re-order more cookies as needed!
  • Ensure that all the cookie money is collected.
  • Prepare all necessary reports and paperwork for cookies and recognitions and turn in to your council on time.