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Booths: The “No-Delivery” Cookie Sale

Girl Scout Cookies Program Booth Sales

The Girl Scout Cookie Program gives girls the opportunity to set up, run, and manage their own booth sales. They select times and locations for their booth sale, conduct buying/selling transactions, handle money, build their presentation and conversation skills, keep records, set up product displays, manage inventory, and much more!

Money is collected on the spot and customers take their cookies with them like a little pop-up retail store. Customers are able to enjoy their delicious purchases immediately, and girls get to interact with lots of people who buy Girl Scout Cookies, in large part to support what girls learn in this great American tradition.

Almost nine out of ten people will buy Girl Scout cookies if asked.
The number one reason given for not buying is not being asked! A Girl Scout cookie booth is a service to the existing customers of a business and can attract new customers to the store or office.

People want to support Girl Scouting!
When a business sponsors a booth sale, it is aligning itself with one of the most valued and powerful brands in the country, enhancing customer perception of its own brand.

The number of people with a connection to Girl Scout Cookies is huge!
Millions of girls, family adults, and volunteers participate in the cookie activity. Supporting their efforts are millions of relatives, neighbors, friends, and co-workers. In addition, there are countless more grown-up Girl Scouts and their families who have a nostalgic connection and philosophical commitment to the cookie activity and what it makes possible for girls. Sponsoring a booth sale can help a business tap into these people as potential customers.

Every business needs employees with leadership skills.
Skills like goal setting, decision making, money management, getting along with people, and ethics are truly valuable to business owners. By supporting cookie booth sales today, businesses are helping to create some of the best employees they will hire tomorrow.

Booths Are Good For Business

Hosting a Girl Scout cookie booth is a no-cost way for businesses to invest in their own success while supporting the development of leadership skills in girls. Help your Girl Scout identify businesses she and her team might approach to host a sale. Friends and family are a great place to start!

A Little Something Fun for Troops! 

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