Boosting Your Booth

Meet sales goals with a smile!

Encourage girls to take ownership of their Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sale by teaching good booth etiquette and basic merchandising strategy. There are lots of fun ways to attract customers to your booth.

Get The Word Out: 

  • Write a press release to generate buzz with the media.
  • List your booth in Snap so it will appear on GSUSA's Booth Locator and customers will know where to find you.
  • Decorate your booth. Use materials that communicate your group's goal, and don't forget to display the Girl Scout Logo prominently. Research shows that girls sell more when the Girl Scout Logo is visible. Download the Girl Scout Logo Poster.
  • Promote your group's goal. Display your goal poster and decorate with pictures of where you plan to travel or a social issue your group wants to address, for example. Customers love to help Girl Scouts reach their goals!
  • Feature your favorite cookie with a clever poster and highlight LuLu the llama. Visit the Art Gallery on flickr for inspiration!

Finishing Touches

  • Stack 'em high and watch 'em fly! Get creative with eye-catching package arrangements. 
  • Offer samples to prospective customers. 
  • Share cookie recipes with each purchase. Browse our recipes here or submit your own for publication on our site!
  • Create a theme to promote any leftover cookies. 

Good Booth Etiquette 

  • Approach customers only on their way out of the store. 
  • It's her time to shine - make sure girls are the ones sharing information.
  • Help girls develop and practice their "elevator speech" before the sale. 
  • Prepare for questions like, "What is your favorite cookie?" or "Which cookies contain nuts?"
  • Keep an order card handy for quick access to nutritional information and ingredient lists. 
  • Smile and thank all customers, whether they buy or not.