Be Prepared

Winners are always prepared. That’s true in school, in a soccer game, and in life. “Be prepared” is so important that the Girl Scouts made it their motto. And you can apply it to your cookie activities. Each of the following steps will help you get ready for a great cookie sale:

Make A Plan. With your parents/guardians, plan when and where you’ll sell. Ask them for customer leads. Contact these people. Be sure to introduce yourself and mention your parents by name. Do not send emails to people you or your parent/guardian do not know! Also, plan to participate in cookie booth sales and cookie caravans that your cookie team conducts.

That’s How The Cookie Crumbles. Be able to tell customers about each cookie variety. Know when you will deliver cookies. Be ready to relate your personal and team goals and to tell how your Girl Scout team will use its cookie money.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm. Okay, maybe that’s a yucky way to say it, but be prepared to start taking orders the first day and to deliver your cookies as quickly as possible. However, don’t jump the gun and start before the sale begins. Check back with customers just before the sale ends to see if they want to order more cookies.

Be Girl Scout Proud. The top reason people buy your cookies is to support Girl Scouting. So, wear your uniform, a Girl Scout T-shirt (if you have one), or your membership pin. And, dress for the weather!

Buddy Up. It’s not only the Girl Scout way, it also makes selling fun and safe. Know and obey safety rules. Don’t go into houses or go near strangers’ cars.

Remember The Magic Words. Always say “thank you.” Be polite. Thank the people you ask to buy cookies even if they say “no.” Maybe next time they will! Thank customers when they order and again when you deliver their cookies.

Be Involved. You are the most important part of Girl Scout Cookies! If you send an order card to work with mom or dad, attach a school picture and a short note telling customers about you and your team’s goals, or create a poster that says it all.

Think Positively. Most people can’t wait to buy Girl Scout Cookies! Cookie sale activities are a great way to work to get over your shyness. If you sell by phone, speak clearly and cheerfully. At cookie booths, stay focused on the customers and smile.

Think Big. Even customers who already ordered cookies may buy more if you take extras when you make deliveries. If you took orders in a place of business, some people who didn’t order may still want cookies. Thin Mints are especially popular!

Think About Next Year. Save your order card. Review it and put stars beside top customers. Your order card will give you a great start on taking orders next year.