A To Z Selling Tips

We know some great secrets about selling cookies. So, we thought we’d share them with you! Here’s everything you need to know from A to Z:

Author a cookie activity article for an area school, subdivision, business, or place of worship newsletter or newspaper.

Barter with a business by offering to do a service project in exchange for allowing your troop/group to sell cookies at their location.

Contact friends and neighbors and ask them to support Girl Scouts by buying Girl Scout Cookies. Be sure to follow guidelines and get your council’s approval.

Decorate bulletin boards and store windows with posters to create interest in delicious Girl Scout Cookies.

Eat enough cookies yourself to allow you to evaluate them for eager customers or ask friends to come up with some descriptive words. 

Find your list of last year’s customers and favor them with a phone call to see if they would like to buy fabulous cookies from you.

Go to where groups gather to sell great Girl Scout Cookies at a booth sale.

Head for help in a hurry, if anyone tries to hassle, harass, or harm you while you’re selling cookies.

Impress and inspire customers with information, not just about cookies, but also about what the cookie sale makes possible for girls and about your own goals.

Jot down your cookie sale plans and experiences in a journal to help jog your memory next year about what works and what doesn’t.

Know your products, your customers, your goals, and how to stay safe.

Let the cookie sale be an opportunity to learn life skills that will lead you to a career choice.

Make your mark! Set goals and make them happen!

Notice what people buy and encourage them to buy packages of other varieties.

Overcome objections by offering options. For example, if people are going on a trip, suggest they buy cookies and freeze them. If they don’t eat sweets, suggest they buy cookies as a gift.

Promote Lemonades™ and Thanks-a-Lot® cookies. Tell your customers how Girl Scouts reduced the amount of packaging on these cookies and, as a result, is preventing 300 tons (about 15 garbage trucks) worth of paperboard from being thrown away every year.

Question local business owners about buying cookies in quantity for quality coffee break treats for their employees.

Re-contact your early customers to see if they want to re-order.

Serve small samples of cookies at your cookie booth.

Tell customers about any totally awesome trips your group will be taking with cookie money earned.

Uncover some areas of your community that are usually underserved by cookie sellers and go sell there!

Venture into the variety of vocational skills you can learn by participating in Girl Scout Cookie activities.

Work on a cookie walkabout with your whole troop. It’s a great way to sell a lot of cookies!

eXperience the exhilaration of reaching and possibly exceeding the goals you set for yourself during cookie activities.

Yank yourself out of your midyear slump and ask an older Girl Scout to share her years of experience with your troop.

Zero in on what you want to achieve, then explore ways to get there with zeal!