Session 5

Learning Objectives

  • Celebrate girls’ efforts in the cookie sale
  • Acknowledge people who have supported their success
  • Practice decision making by deciding which activity will be funded by group cookie proceeds


  • Review cookie sales results
  • Talk about what the girls have learned
  • Identify and thank people who have helped them with the cookie sale
  • Discuss future plans for group activities or service projects

Resources/Materials Needed

  • Poster supplies for Opening Activity
  • The completed troop/group goal chart
  • A box of cookies and assorted frosting and decorations
  • Information and budget for the activity that will be funded with group cookie proceeds


Ask girls to update their progress on Catch Goals and bring their completed personal goal poster to the meeting. If girls have not completed this activity, you can print blank posters from the site and have them available for the girls.


Opening Actvity

As girls arrive, ask them to post their goal posters (or fill them in) and write down the name of one person who helped them in the cookie activity. Post the troop completed goal poster as well.

Girl Talk

Have each girl share her goals and something about the person who helped them. Facilitate a discussion on how every girl’s individual goal helped her make progress toward the group goal. Ask them to share how customers, family, or friends helped them reach their goals.


Special Actvities

Using information from your earlier group meetings, make a final decision on what activity or activities that your group cookie proceeds will support. If girls have exceeded their goals—what could you do with the extra money?

Decorate Shortbread or Shout Outs! cookies with a thin layer of frosting and healthy extras like raisins or other dried fruit or cereal. An alternative is to crush the cookies into a topping and sprinkle them on low-fat frozen yogurt. Call attention to what is a healthy portion.


Hand out information related to recognition events and activities funded with cookie proceeds for girls to take home. Close with a Friendship Circle. When the girls are standing in the circle before they do the Friendship “squeeze,” ask them to take turns telling the girl on their right something good they observed about her during cookie time. Have the girls shout, “We did it!” as they turn out of the circle.