Session 5

Learning Objectives

  • Celebrate the girls’ efforts in the cookie activity 
  • Make a final decision on what activities to fund 
  • Acknowledge people who have supported their success 
  • Reflect on how the experience has helped girls develop and practice the 5 Essential Skills


  • Review cookie sales results 
  • Talk about what the girls have learned
  • Identify and thank people who have helped them with the cookie sale 
  • Discuss future plans for group activities or service projects

Resources/Materials Needed

  • Poster supplies for Opening Activity 
  • Ball of yarn or string for Closing Activity 
  • Final Troop Goal Check Chart
  • Thank you cards 
  • Supplies for TM pizza (this can be made at the meeting or in advance) 
  • Bring back all the Opening Activity posters the girls have done


Calculate the total cookies sold, and check to see if the group has won any special awards or recognitions such as “Super Troop.” Review the previous Opening Activity posters and make note of questions you might ask at the meeting to encourage the girls to process their experiences.


Opening Activity

As girls arrive ask them to write one thing they learned under each of the 5 Essential Skills on the poster – goal setting, business ethics, people skills, money management, and decision making. On another poster, have them write the name of one or two supporters (individuals or businesses) who helped them during the cookie activity.

Girls Talk

Show girls all the Opening Activity posters and ask them to share any comments they have about the sale or the specific activities. Facilitate a discussion on what types of support they got from different people and how they can Take Action to pass that support to others.


Special Activities

Ask girls to make thank you notes for the people who supported them. This can be done at the meeting or divided up to do at home. Girls may elect to send electronic thank you cards instead.


Close with a “5 Essential Skills” Reflection circle. Give one girl a ball of yarn or string and instruct her to hold on to the loose end and toss the ball to another girl while sharing an Essential Skill she saw that girl embody during the cookie activity. The ball is tossed to each girl, repeating the process until every girl is holding a piece of the string and the girls repeat together, “We are connected to one another, to our communities, and to our globe.”