Session 4

Learning Objectives

  • Help the girls understand where they are in meeting their goals 
  • Help the girls encourage each other through stories and suggestions 
  • Discuss how to manage and keep money safe 
  • Plan the rest of the sale


  • Where the girls are in achieving their group goal 
  • Discussion of things girls have done and experienced in the cookie activity to date
  • Brainstorm about how to sell more cookies 
  • Review plans for the remainder of the sale

Resources/Materials Needed

  • Poster supplies for the Opening Activity
  • Calculator 
  • Flip chart to capture girls’ ideas 
  • Story stick (can be anything from a wooden spoon with a ribbon tied around it to a cane or walking stick)


Email or text girls in advance of the meeting, asking them to bring information on their most current sales in order to allow the group to accurately calculate where they are in relationship to their goal. Encourage girls to print out their current goal chart from Catch Goals on


Opening Activity

When girls arrive, ask them to write on the poster their names and how many cookies they have sold so far. Also ask them to write down how they are feeling about the cookie sale so far.

Girl Talk

Ask girls to talk about their responses to the Opening Activity. Have the girls ask each other questions and share good, and not so good, cookie experiences they have had so far. Encourage them to ask for and offer advice. Be prepared to ask questions to encourage girls to speak up and facilitate the discussion to include everyone, but let girls do most of the talking. The story stick will encourage active listening.


Special Activities 

Have girls create a team chart showing their progress toward their sales goal and how much time is left during the sale. If you have had booth sales this year, calculate how many packages were sold at the booth (or base on prior year information). How many cookies need to be sold each day to help troop reach financial goals? Is it more efficient to have a booth sale or should each girl set a daily sales goal to help the troop hit the mark?

Success Tips

Girls should review specific plans for the rest of the sale including deadlines and resources needed. Don’t forget to contact family adults who are part of the Cookie Network. Clear communication between all troop members is critical for success. 


Remind girls that persistence and perseverance are two important aspects in achieving success. Form a Closing Reflection circle and have girls take turns making the Persistence Affirmation. One girl says to the girl on her right, “With persistence, you will succeed.” Girl on right replies, “With persistence, we will succeed,” then turns to girl on her right and says, “With persistence, you will succeed,” etc.