Session 4

Learning Objectives

  • Understand where girls are in meeting their goals
  • Help the girls encourage each other through stories and suggestions
  • Plan the rest of the sale


  • Where the girls are in achieving their group goal
  • Discussion of things girls have done and experienced in the cookie sale to date
  • Brainstorm about how to sell more cookies
  • Review plans for the remainder of the sale
  • Review safe handling of money for the remainder of the sale

Resources/Materials Needed

  • Poster supplies for the Opening Activity
  • Goal chart
  • Calculator
  • Flip chart to capture the girls’ ideas
  • Story stick (can be anything from a wooden spoon with a ribbon tied around it to a cane or walking stick)


Prepare the poster for the Opening Activity. List words that describe all the activities girls may have undertaken so far in the cookie sale (e.g., taking orders in the neighborhood, sending an ecard from Online Marketing, calling out-of-town family, entering goals in Catch Goals, handling money, participating in a booth sale).

Figure out how many cookies each girl has sold in order to get the group total. Review the plans for the remainder of the sale to see if you need to guide girls toward revising the goal.


Opening Activity

When girls arrive, ask them to place a sticker or an “x” by the words on the poster that describe what they have done so far in the cookie activity.

Girls Talk

Guide girls in a discussion of how the cookie sale has been going so far and invite them to share success stories so far. If discussion stalls, ask them which cookie seems to be selling the most. Why do they think that is?


Special Activities

Talk to the group about revising their plans for the remainder of the sale if appropriate. If they are far from their goal, brainstorm ways to reach their goal or adjust expectations. Relate change in sales goals to potential outcomes. The opposite is true also. If they are very close to their goal, talk about what they will do if they exceed it. Take time to review how to be safe with money during the sale. If girls have collected money, ask them how they are being safe. Talk about money management with the girls—how do they keep track of how much they are owed, how much they have collected, and how much they have turned in? How important is it to write down numbers like that when you deal with money?


Hand out any reminders you need girls to take home. Close with the Friendship Circle. Make activity more special by asking the girls one at a time to turn to the girl on her right and say, “Good luck, Jenny.”