Session 3

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to apply simple business and marketing basics to reach cookie sales goals
  • Help girls learn people skills


  • Order card
  • Different ways of selling (order taking, direct, online marketing, etc.)
  • Safe selling
  • Potential customers
  • How to approach a potential customer and encourage them to buy
  • The connection between what girls learn in the cookie activity and how it can be used in the future

Resources/Materials Needed


Create a poster board where you can write down each girl’s name and their favorite customer(s)


Opening Activity

When girls arrive, help them write their names and their favorite customer or customers on the poster board. Consider having a teen Girl Scout help with this.

Girls Talk

Have girls talk about how they chose their favorite customer. Was it because they know them or did they sell to them in the past? Take time for the girls to brainstorm other potential customers and how they can ask them to buy cookies.


Special Activities

Discuss sales tips, and talk about identifying potential customers at school, in the neighborhood and at extracurricular activities. Introduce girls to the Online Marketing area of COCO.

Success Tips

Younger girls can have short attention spans so consider having someone from your Cookie Network help with this session. If you change facilitators during the meeting, it may help the girls keep focus.


Hand out order cards and remind the girls of the first sale day. Close with Friendship Circle and when the girls turn out of the circle have everyone shout “Success!” An additional step would be to have the girls take turns telling one thing they learned in the meeting.