Session 3: I Can Lead The Change

Learning Objectives

  • Review Cookie Business Plan (CBP) to decide if revisions are needed
  • Share challenges and ideas


  • Understanding of progress toward goals
  • Every Teen feels supported by the rest of the team
  • Clarification of business plans going forward, especially any revisions that are decided on 

Resources/Materials Needed

  • Group’s Cookie Business Plan
  • Pen and paper for Opening Activity


Poll the Teens to see if they would prefer to conduct some of the tasks by phone or email rather than in a face-to-face meeting. Whether the tasks are accomplished in an actual, a phone, or a virtual meeting, encourage girls to take leadership in coordinating the different tasks.


Make It Your Own Opening Activity

Ask each girl to provide an idea for approaching and marketing the cookie sale to a business they have not already approached. Select the top three ideas. Have girls form three “sales teams” to work on developing a sales plan to target these opportunities.

Cookie Business Plan

Have girls determine their progress toward their goal and discuss whether there is enough time to reach the goals. Review the CBP and decide on changes to action plans going forward. If girls are concerned about being able to reach their goals, challenge them to be creative rather than just reducing their target. Make sure they understand what they will be giving up in terms of their plans.



Ask each team to share their sales plan. If time allows, also provide an opportunity for girls to express their concerns and invite other members of the team to advise and support each other.