Session 3

Learning Objectives

  • Challenge girls to approach cookies as an opportunity to learn and practice the 5 Essential Skills 
  • Coach girls to understand that consumers want to support them by buying cookies because they are the leaders of the future 
  • Explore aspects of business ethics, including appropriate selling techniques and safety


  • Order card 
  • Different ways of selling (order taking, direct, online marketing, etc.) 
  • Safe selling 
  • Who a potential customer is 
  • How to encourage people to buy 
  • The connection between what girls learn in the cookie activity and how it can be used in the future

Resources/Materials Needed

  • Poster supplies for Opening Activity 
  • Order cards 
  • Supplies for setting up a practice cookie booth
  • GSUSA Safety Guidelines


Review council guidelines for information needed to guide girls through this session. Plan to engage and empower the girls by sharing how their efforts in the cookie activity impact other girls and Girl Scouting in the community. 


Opening Activity

Who is my customer? When girls arrive have them write their names on a poster and list their current best customer and one new customer that they want to contact this year.

Girl Talk

Have girls talk about how they chose their best customer. Was it because they know them, or do they buy a lot of cookies? Why did they choose the new customer they wrote down? Are they currently buying cookies from another Girl Scout? Is it OK to “steal” a customer from another Girl Scout? Ask the girls how business ethics come into play in the cookie sale. Take time for the girls to brainstorm other potential customers and how they can ask them to buy cookies.


 Special Activities 

Talk about ideas for acquiring customers. Have each girl draw a slip of paper with a kind of “target customer” written on it and then deliver an “elevator speech” directed at that type of customer in front of the group.  If you have time in your meeting, have the girls set up mock booth sales and discuss ways to approach customers at this location.

Success Tips

Review the list of Cookie Network volunteers, and help girls identify how each volunteer can help them in the cookie sale. Make a list of things they can ask each volunteer to do.


Hand out order cards and remind girls of the council start date for selling. Close by standing in a circle and ask each girl to complete this phrase: “I will practice business ethics in the cookie sale activity by __.”