Session 2: We Can Lead The Change

Learning Objectives

  • So What? Sales and marketing FAQs 
  • Write your elevator speech
  • Customer mapping
  • Forecasting


  • Elevator speeches 
  • Estimates of how many opportunities
  • Lists of prospects (potential customers) and the type of sale through which they will be approached 
  • Estimate of how many cookies can be sold through each type of outlet

Resources/Materials Needed


Have flip charts and markers ready for Seniors to use, as well as at least one computer so they can work live on the worksheets if they prefer. Invite the Cookie Business Coach (CBC) to attend. The CBC can work with girls via phone or email before the meeting to get a headstart on some of the tasks or after the meeting to complete them.


Make It Your Own Opening Activity

As girls arrive, ask each one to write down a potential new customer base. Ask CBC to email girls in advance to help them think about all the possible markets they could consider.

Cookie Business Plan

If girls have written their elevator speeches in advance, ask them to share them with the group. Guide them to work in teams to brainstorm about My Marketing Map and forecasting. If you see gaps in the work the girls are doing or think they are being overly ambitious, guide them to self-discovery through questions rather than telling them what you think they should do.


Invite girls to share their potential new customers. Decide if each one is a feasible idea. Will extra help from parents be required? If time allows, invite members of the team to share their personal goals for the sale.