Session 2

Learning Objectives

  • Give family adults an overview of the cookie activity including its benefits to girls and the appropriate role of the Internet 
  • Introduce order cards 
  • Discuss individual and group goals


  • Key cookie activity dates 
  • Sale logistics (getting cookies, turning in money, etc.) 
  • How family adults can support girls’ success 
  • Individual and group goals, including ideas for utilizing group proceeds

Resources/Materials Needed

  • Supplies for Opening Activity poster
  • Poster from the previous session 
  • Order Cards and Cookie Network Volunteer Forms 
  • Sample cookies
  • Flip chart for group discussions 
  • Calculator for totaling goals 
  • Computer with the COCO website for girls to show recognitions and goal setting activities to family


From the ideas generated at the first meeting, have some research prepared on the costs of one Take Action project and one new experience project. Consider asking girls and their family adults to research and bring information to the meeting—people are more likely to attend if they have a role in the meeting. 


Opening Activity

When girls arrive, ask them to write their names and their individual goals (number of packages and one thing they would like to learn) on the poster. Ask family adults to write what support they can offer during the sale and ask them to turn in their Cookie Network Forms with their contact information.

Girls Talk

Ask girls to share their previous cookie activities experiences and share their goals from the Opening Activity. As a group, tally the individual package goals and multiply it by the troop proceeds to get a starting income projection for future activities.


Special Activities

As the family members sample the cookies, have girls share the ideas they had for Take Action projects and new experiences from Session 1. Share the information from research on the costs of these activities. Invite adults to work with the girls to decide on their top one or two activities. Follow up with a discussion on if the aggregate troop goal will cover the costs and what might be done to close any gaps.

Success Tips

Collect the Volunteer forms, and compare the family support listed on the Opening Activity poster and the forms. Are there still areas of support needed? How can those gaps be filled? Adult-girl partnerships are an integral part of the leadership experience for girls.


Form a closing reflection circle including the family adults and ask each adult to give a “flair” (share a trait that the girls have exhibited) that will help in the cookie activity. For example an adult might say they have observed “enthusiasm” in the group.