Session 2

Learning Objectives

  • Give family adults an overview of the cookie activity and its benefits to girls 
  • Review safety and business ethics during the sale 
  • Discuss appropriate role of the adult in the cookie activity, including safety and supporting their Girl Scout 
  • Introduce order cards (but do not hand out until just before sale starts) 
  • Collect permission slips and Cookie Network Volunteer Forms 
  • Involve girls in discussion of group activity goals; get support of parents for group and individual goals


  • Key cookie activity dates
  • Sale logistics (getting cookies, turning in money, etc.)
  • How family adults can support girls’ success
  • Individual and group goals, including ideas for utilizing group proceeds

Resources/Materials Needed

  • Poster supplies for Opening Activity
  • Order cards
  • Cookie Network Volunteer Forms
  • Permission slips
  • Sample cookies
  • Online resources from council and GSUSA
  • Budget information about use of group proceeds
  • Flip chart to brainstorm more ideas for group proceeds
  • Family Guide
  • Calculator for totaling goals


Research the cost of at least one idea mentioned in Session 1 for using group cookie proceeds so you can share with girls and family adults. Or consider delegating this task to a parent. People are more likely to attend if they have a role.


Opening Activity

When girls arrive, ask them to write their names and their individual goals (number of packages and one thing they would like to learn) on the poster. For inspiration, post a list or pictures of the kinds of things girls can learn from the cookie activity.

Girls Talk

Ask each girl to tell the group whether she has sold cookies before and to share her goals from the Opening Activity poster.


Collect the Cookie Network resource forms and sample order cards (explain they will be given to girls right before the sale starts). Invite parents to join the Friendship Circle to close the meeting.


Special Activities

Ask the girls to serve sample cookies, and use this time to pass out the permission slips and Cookie Network Volunteer Forms to each family adult. Review sale dates, key sale logistics, and some of the roles family adults can play in the cookie sale. Ask that permission slips and Cookie Network Volunteer Forms be completed before the end of the meeting. As everyone is enjoying the sample cookies, share budget information about at least one of the ideas for using group cookie proceeds generated by girls in Session 1. Have girls help you add up the total packages that the group wants to sell, then multiply by the troop proceeds and compare to budget. Ask the girls if their goal is high enough to meet their needs.

Success Tips

Increase attendance by emailing a reminder to families a day or two before the meeting. Ask parents to read the Family Guide on the website and be prepared to share one thing they learned.