Tips For Making The Sale

Tips For Making The Sale

More than 90% of people will buy Girl Scout Cookies if you ask them! Learn some great selling tips.

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Session 1

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the Be Unique. Be You! theme
  • Share the big picture of what the Girl Scout Cookie Program is all about
  • Discuss the importance of goal setting


  • Be Unique. Be You! theme
  • Girls’ past experiences with cookies
  • America’s Best Cookies
  • Goal setting, with ideas for what girls would like to do with troop proceeds
  • Upcoming family meeting

Resources/Materials Needed

  • Poster supplies for Opening Activity
  • Family meeting invitations
  • Cookie information
  • Sample ideas for things girls might want to do with cookie proceeds
  • Supplies for the “Can Do” goal game


Review the information you received at cookie training related to this season’s topics. Prepare your poster board for the Opening Activity by writing three headers across the top: Have you ever sold Girl Scout Cookies before? Do you think selling cookies will be fun? What is your favorite cookie?


Opening Activity

When girls arrive, help them write their names on the poster and, if they can answer “yes” to any of the questions, ask them to put a check in that column. Help them write down, or paste a picture, of their favorite cookie.

Girls Talk

Begin your introduction of the Girl Scout Cookie Program with a discussion of girls’ answers to the questions on the Opening Activity poster. Talk about each specific cookie, and ask girls to describe their favorites. Ask them to talk about how they can Change The World.


Special Activities

Ask girls for ideas of things they would like to do during the remainder of the Girl Scout year. Record these ideas to discuss further during the next meeting. Explain that cookies can help the troop earn money to do some of the things on their list. Be sure to ask girls what they would like to do as a service or Take Action project as well. Then plan the Can Do goal game.

Success Tips

If possible, set up a computer, take girls on a tour of COCO, and help them set up their accounts. Girls are more likely to log on to COCO at home and share it with their families if you introduce it to them at a troop meeting.


Hand out family invitations and explain that family adults are invited to the next meeting. End with a Friendship Circle, with girls shouting “cookies!” as they turn out of the circle.